Thursday, July 30, 2009


Jackass du Jour 073009

“Hey, check out my Lexus SC430 coupe! Isn’t it shiny? I have a really tiny penis, but my snazzy car more than makes up for my inability to satisfy a woman!”

Yeah, Bub. Just go on believing that. And, by the way, a hearty “Fuck You” for parking your midlifecrisismobile so that it hogged two parking spaces in a crowded shopping mall parking lot. Now, go eat shit and die.

Oh, yeah - and you, Bub, are the Jackass du Jour!

Update: As Houston Steve points out (and as SWMBO also figured out when we were in that parking lot), the driver of that car was likely a woman. And so, the narrative may read as follows:

“Hey, check out my Lexus SC430 coupe! Isn’t it shiny? My ass looks like a burlap sack filled with cottage cheese, but I sure have a nice ride, don’t I? In fact, considering that making love to me is like throwing a hot dog down a hallway, it’s the only nice ride I can offer!”

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