Friday, July 31, 2009


Today’s Pith and Vinegar brings you a Brief Imagined Dialogue from the White House, where President Barack Obama joined Sgt. James Crowley and Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. yesterday evening for a few cold beers and a chance to smooth over the Great Racial Imbroglio created by Crowley’s arrest of Gates last week for disorderly conduct.

Obama: Gentlemen, I’m glad both of you agreed to meet here with me and sit down over a couple of brewskis. I firmly believe that there are no problems that Man cannot solve after having a few brewskis. Speaking of which, how do you like this beer? It’s a craft brew made especially for the White House by a Belgian guy we keep locked up in the basement.

Gates: Tastes great.

Crowley: Less filling.

Gates: Tastes great!

Crowley: Less filling!

Gates: Tastes great!!!

Crowley: Less filling!!!

Gates: Yo mama!

Crowley: You’re under arrest!

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