Thursday, July 30, 2009

(2009 EDITION)

Last week, when She Who Must Be Obeyed and I visited Eric and Fiona up in the wilds of McMinn County, Tennessee, we (of necessity) visited their two cats, as well.

Fred and Bob 1

Fred and Bob 2

Yes, it’s two cats these days. Fred and Bob are still around, but Ginger seems to have disappeared. Whether she simply wandered off in search of greener pastures, or whether she became a meal for one Woodsy Predator or another, is an exercise best left to the imagination.

These guys are as friendly as ever... Fred will even trot right up to you if you whistle a Cat Call. And he simply loves SWMBO. Lookee:

Fred in the Face

(Can you blame him?)

Update: See lots more kitties (and plenty of other fauna as well) at the Modulator, where Friday Ark #254 has set sail.

And for yet more Kitty-Linkage, drop by Three Tabby Cats in Vienna Sunday evening to check out Carnival of the Cats #281. It’s Katz-gezeichnet!

Update 2: CotC #281 is up.

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