Tuesday, July 14, 2009


This morning, I had breakfast at the safest place in Cobb County: the Local Bagel and Smoked Fish Emporium.

Safe - because roughly half of Cobb County’s finest was enjoying their breakfast there at the same time. Pretty much a Crime-Free Zone, right there.

[Except, perhaps, for the table next to the Peace Officers, where a lively game of Liar’s Poker was going on. Plenty of money exchanging hands... but the shamuses wisely decided to look the other way.]

I’ve ruminated before on the affection Police Officers have for Toroidal Foodstuffs... an affection that even inspired a group of Michigan cops to purchase a donut bakery. But based on my observations here, both doughnuts and bagels seem to hold equal attraction for the Shamusary. Is it the shape that matters? One could, conceivably, test this with an offering of sausage rings.

I choose to believe that the ring shape offers a deep symbolism. It is nothing less than a Wedding Ring, signifying the polygamous marriage of the police force, the Law, and Society.

That... plus it’s tasty.

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