Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Wiener Wreck

O, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer
Shtupping garages would be
A real good deal

That dinky-ass Beemer
That skanky-ass Benz
Can’t love you like I do
They just your friendz

Just open up
That great big door
And I’ll give you
A whole lot more

Roll your gate up
Nice and wide
So I can slide my Hot Dog
Deep inside

Just like a train
Going into a tunnel
Let me cram my wiener
Into your Love-Funnel

Got a sausage with a length
Measured in feet
Gotta whole lotta lovin’
Gotta whole lotta meat

Wiener Mobile
Is my name
Satisfyin’ your homestead
Is my game

[Inspired by this breaking news story, forwarded to me by The Other Elisson as well as having been the subject of a recent post at All Atwitter.]

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