Sunday, May 28, 2006


Mystery Substance. Coin included in photo to show size.

Some of my Esteemed Readers may remember this little photo, which I posted over at Velociman’s site last week.

The only piece of information I gave out was that the Mystery Substance is not shit. Right: for to post a photograph of an actual Turd-Chunk would be nekulturny in the extreme. Most unbecoming from someone who styles himself Mr. Debonair.

Some of the speculation in the Comments was positively inspired. A sampling:There’s more. Toe jam. A dried-up fetus. A blackhead big enough to have a name of its own. A dingleberry. A piece of desiccated umbilicus.

Velociman himself may have nailed it with his speculation that it is “Elisson’s soul, mutated by God into a size convenient enough to flick away with a mighty Finger.”

But methinks the good Capitan may have come closest to the truth.

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