Thursday, May 04, 2006


Velociman - “Mr. Hot-Shot Author” - does not know what to do with his Great American Novel. Should he slap the first few chunks of his crap up on his Online Web Journal for all the world to see, thus providing himself an incentive to finish the job...and an excuse to bing his Crew of Intrepids for a few simoleons in order to see Part II? Or just blow it off?

I like Option One. Very Dickensian, it seems to me.

Nothing wrong with the old Serial Publishing model. Even Stephen King, Mistuh Boogeyman his ownself, used it to great effect when he wrote The Green Mile. His only tactical error was not jacking the price of the final part of the serial to the frickin’ moon.

But if the V-Man pumps out a half-chapter and then nobody ponies up a few lousy dollars for the other half, his dick will shrivel and fall off in shame. So: what would you suggest he do?

I’d stick this nifty little poll on his own site, but, alas, I am travelling and do not have the keys handy. And so, you will just have to deal with it here:

What should "Mr. Hot-Shot Author" Do?
Velociman posts half a chapter, and puts his money where his mouth is, and you eagerly purchase the second half.
Velociman posts nothing, putting your money where his mouth is, and exposing him as a fucking fraud.
Velociman posts nothing, and lays upon his California King, flagellating hisself, wondering why you thought he had any game to begin with, because he
None of the above.
All of the above.
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