Sunday, May 21, 2006


Rolling Matata

This week, IMAO (“In My Arrogant Opinion”) plays host to the 113th Carnival of the Cats. The post itself is, of course, the work of the Premier Champeen Catblogger, Laurence Simon his ownself.

Keep in mind that opinions, whether arrogant or not, are like assholes: everybody has one, and everybody else’s stinks.

Also keep in mind that the Carnival of the Vanities will be making its first-ever stop here at Blog d’Elisson this coming week. Please get your submissions in by Tuesday evening to ensure your post’s inclusion. Send your link info to cotvmail (at) gmail (dot) com, or use the handy-dandy submission forms available at Blog Carnival or the Conservative Cat. I’ll be posting the Carnival from Saint John, New Brunswick Tuesday night or Wednesday morning - if I miss any last-minute entries while traveling, I’ll catch up with ’em as soon as I get back to the ATL Thursday.

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