Thursday, May 25, 2006


Most of us Online Journalists are familiar with those semi-ubiquitous Frappr maps that started sprouting on people’s sidebars about six months ago. Cute...and mostly useless. But not quite useless...and thereby hangs a tale, a tale of a Most Unlikely Blogmeet.

It was back in October of last year that I started getting the occasional comment from a young lady who called herself Lisa W. At the time, Lisa had no Online Journal of her own; rather, she had a family website. It was about that time that I put up my stupid-ass Frappr map...and Lisa was one of the Charter Members of my Mappy Gang.

Thanks to the Frappr, I knew that Lisa lived way up in the wilds of the Canadian Maritimes - in a small city called Saint John, hard by the Bay of Fundy. “Interesting,” I thought to myself at the time.

But then a couple of things happened. First, the Great Corporate Salt Mine put me to work on a new project - a project that would eventually require me to spend several weeks, off and on, in a Most Unlikely Place. You guessed it: Saint John. And second, in mid-April, Lisa - still a regular commenter here - started her own Online Journal. Her inspiration? None other than The Acidic One his ownself.

Well, Robbo may be Lisa’s Blogfather, but I claim dibs (along with Eric) on the title Blog-Uncle.

Last week, I coyly mentioned on this site that I would be traveling to - of all places! - Saint John. The rest, as they say, is History. I got a chance to meet Lisa yesterday evening after having snarfed down a Bidnis Dinner (that’s Suthen Tawk for a Business Meal) with a small gang of colleagues. And thus it was that we spent a pleasant hour-and-change doing what bloggers do best: gabbing and consuming Adult Beverages.

Elisson and Lisa
Elisson meets the lovely Lisa W.

[Now, how this young lady finds the time to blog whilst juggling University studies, work, and being Mom to three children ranging in age from 8 to 17, I have no idea. But blog she does, and her ’roll is heavily laden with many of the same folks I have either met or read regularly. Also, could you explain to me how a Canajan Maritimer develops an affinity with a pack of Jawja Blown-Eyed Blodgers, willya? I can’t understand it.]

So here you have it - a mini-Blodgefest in that most unlikely of places, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Until we can convince a crowd of Jawja Blodgers to schedule a full-scale meet up there, I’ll have to serve as Official Representative, eh?

And the thing of it is, I get to go back in a couple of weeks. Sure, I’m booting a Cancun vacation to do it, but Duty Calls. Since I’m the type who takes lemons (and lollipops!) and makes lemonade, I will make the most of my next trip to Saint John. Fish and blueberries...and a chance to visit with Lisa and G. Yowza!

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