Tuesday, May 16, 2006


We sure do.

Those Statehood Quarters are all the rage, having rekindled a broad-based interest in coin collecting here in the United States. Never mind that most of the designs we’ve seen to date are as ugly as a cancer-eyed cow...or that much of the collectors’ interest is fueled by relentless promotion by the U. S. Mint or by the Home Shopping Network (“New Wisconsin State Quarters, now available layered in pure cow shit!”).

But the Mint has recognized that some of the designs are pretty heinous, being designed by committees and other organizations with no artistic talent. In order to make things better, they have begun an Artist in Residence program, bringing real artistic and sculptural talent to bear on the challenge of modern coinage design. Some of the early results are quite encouraging:

But the best one has got to be this, which commemmorates the resurgent spirit of a state which has suffered greatly, yet continues to cling to its unique culture...

[In case you were wondering - no, I didn’t design these fine examples of Numismatic Art. They floated in on a piece of Random Internet E-mail Crap that a co-worker sent me...but I thought they were worth putting some words around.]

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