Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Eli and Elisson, 1975
Eli and Elisson, 1975. When else?

There’s something about the 1970’s that beggars description.

This photograph captures me and my Dad at the tipping point of the decade: just before Bad Hair became Worse Hair, before platform shoes, before Qiana disco shirts, before Leisure Suits.

I still thank Almighty Providence daily for, amongst other things, my never having owned a Leisure Suit. I have done many dastardly things in my life, but wearing one of those Triple-Knit Horrors is not one of them.

Remark well, that the Old Man was a mere fifty years of age when this photograph was taken. Remark, also, that in a mere eight days, my Kid Brother - the other Elisson - will be fifty years of age.

Jeezus Creeping Shit, how time do fly.

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