Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Matata on the Laundry

Well, Rahel asked for it, anyway. More Cats!

Cats, you see, are fluffier than cockroaches.

Even Rob Smith, notorious Disliker of Kitties, would probably prefer to have a cat in his lap than a cockroach in his T-shirt. Amen, bruthuh.

Therefore, for those of my Esteemed Readers who prefer pictures of nice, fuzzy kitties to those of vile, chitinous, skittering cockchafers, I offer this photograph of Matata, snuggling up to my bag of dirty underwear and socks upon my return from Washington.

I don’t think it was the aroma of unwashed socks that attracted her to this little sack o’ laundry. More likely, it was the cool feel of plastic against fur.

It’s the same thing, I expect, that drives people to go commando whilst wearing leather pants...

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