Wednesday, October 12, 2005


In which Elisson imagines himself to be a lonely Italian butcher from the Bronx...

Marty and Angie
Angie Velociman: What do you wanna do tonight this afternoon?
Marty Elisson: I dunno, Angie V-Man. What do you wanna do?
V: I wanna have some more a dat Chatham Artillery Punch.
E: Good idea. While yer at it, ya see dat guy onna tube in da river behind us? Whyn’tcha smack da crap outta him wit’chyer Half-Rubber stick? Maybe lob a couple rocks while yer at it?
V: Now yer talkin’.

[Photo shamelessly stolen from the most lovely Shoe. Post title shamelessly stolen from Skankin’ Pickle’s song of the same name.]

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