Tuesday, October 11, 2005


One of my Minyan Boyz cohorts hosts a one-hour radio show Friday mornings on a (very) local station. Appealing to my Monstrous, Overblown Ego and my love of doing Silly Voices, he has asked me to sit in and do a guest shot this Friday.

I have no idea what I will talk about, but expect I will be “in character.” Several characters, in fact, something like a low-rent Phil Hendrie. And since the show is the Health Hour, I - and my esteemed colleagues Dr. Gupta Patel and Dr. Sidney Cronkite - may have a little fun. After all, my Minyan Boy buddy is a pharmacist...and I have extensive (albeit mostly out-of-date) experience in the area.

I wonder how many fake ads for Dr. Smith’s Boner Oil I can slip in before they heave me out of the studio on my ear. One thing’s for sure: I will need to rein in my natural tendency to lob F-Bombs. For that will not do, even on a station that has a Listening Area Radius of about 600 feet.

Damn, what’s next? Podcasting?

[You can listen to Radio Sandy Springs on the Internet at www.radiosandysprings.com/onair.html. The show airs from 9:00-10:00 am EDT - that’s New York time for all y’all furriners - this Friday.]

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