Friday, October 14, 2005


This tasty little meme has taken on a sort of Life Of Its Own - like certain Carnivals - and now seems to be a semipermanent fixture in the Bloggity Landscape, thanks to regular participants such as pesky’apostrophe, Feministe, and Rox Populi. [I think Rox gets actual credit for inventing the damn thing.]

Anyway, now Elisson can play - because I have scored me a 20 gig iPod, thanks to a generous birthday CashWad from the Daddy d’Elisson, Eli his ownself. Sweet.

And so, I present the first Blog d’Elisson Friday Random Ten:
  1. Thousand Island Park – Mahavishnu Orchestra
  2. Aish Tamid – Matisyahu
  3. Bolero – Frank Zappa
  4. Shrimp (Dubplate) – Mr. Scruff
  5. Roll Right Stones – Traffic
  6. Avenue Q Theme – Avenue Q: Original Broadway Cast
  7. King Kong – Frank Zappa
  8. Angie – The Rolling Stones
  9. The King of the Golden Hall – Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
  10. With You There to Help Me (Live) - Jethro Tull

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