Monday, October 03, 2005


Og, the Master of Crapblogging, lobs us a Special Tasty Treat, with a juicy description of a Regrettable Highway Incident involving a poorly secured load:
I’m about ten car lengths back, attempting to pay attention to my driving as I notice the portajohn is not nearly as well attached to the trailer as it might be, and seems, in fact, to be holding on by a mere bungee cord. One final deep (typical, really, for Chicago) pothole, and the portajohn flies off.

Less than two seconds behind the trailer is a semi, which makes contact with the portajohn just about as it hits the ground, and it explodes like an egg just hit with a baseball bat. It’s apparently been in use a while...
Neanderpundit, once again putting the Log in Blogging.

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