Monday, October 31, 2005


Hallowe’en Hands

She Who Must Be Obeyed models her Hallowe’en Manicure. Note the spider Nail Appliqués.

Yes, SWMBO do love her some Hallowe’en.

We’ll probably make a Quivering Brain out of transparent Jell-O, complete with Gummi Worms. We’ll have the candy bowl, complete with Shrieking Hand. We’ll be handing out a couple of cases of Air Heads to the neighborhood Snot-Noses. And I will recite, ad nauseam, my Piece of Seasonally Appropriate Poetry, even though we no longer live in Texas:

Hallowe’en in Houston,
Yes, Climate Does Make a Difference

It’s Hallowe’en in Houston: the sweat is on the pumpkin
And children dress as monsters in the heat.
They stalk the stifling streets and visit every city bumpkin
Ringing doorbells, shouting “Trick or treat!”

The torrid Texas towns are filled with tiny ghouls and ghosts
With Fahrenheit approaching 93 -
They look much less like children, and more like little roasts
Extorting molten Hershey bars from me.

I remember in New England, where the temperatures were frigid,
A chilly Hallowe’en would mark the season.
You’d go collecting candy and come home all icy rigid -
It just ain’t spooky if you aren’t freezin’!

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