Thursday, October 27, 2005


Welcome to Carnival of the Cockroaches, Number Two!

[And how appropriate, since the little fellas love Number Two!]

In order to make things a little more interesting, we’re opening this Carnival up to the Whole Buggy World. It ain’t Just About Cockroaches anymore, although we know who will be running things after Russia Iran some Random Terrorist Richard Simmons drops the Big One...

Kicking things off this week is Vicki, of Outside In, who asks us to join her in a little game of Name That Bug! I’d simply call that thing a Honkin’ Big-Ass Beetle and get the hell out of its way...or even out of its zip code.

PZ Myers, the resident genius at Pharyngula, complains that “There aren’t any roaches here - I guess they can’t handle the winters.”

Where the hell do you live, PZ...Ant-fucking-arctica? I can’t think of too many places on this humble Ball of Rock where the little boogers cannot live all too happily. Be that as it may, PZ nevertheless manages to squeeze in an Exploding Roach story, almost as an afterthought. Way to go, dude!

The Charming, Just Charming GuyK regales us with his Modest Proposal for dealing with Fire-Ants the natural way. Now, that’s how to deal with Mother Nature - let the Bugs and Beasties duke it out amongst themselves while we chill out with a few cold brewskis.

Barbara, of Trying to Catch Up, discusses insects as a source of nutrition, an idea that many of us Westerners have trouble with. I can just hear Carlos the Cockroach now: “Soylent Brown is Roaches!” Great idea, Barb - sorry I’ll be unavailable to join you for dinner for, say, the next 1,000 years.

Cuco EddieWell, my friend Cuco Eddie is telling me that that’s all for this edition of Carnival of the Cockroaches! The crowd may have been a little light this week, but, well, you know how these little bastards multiply. I suspect that once the word gets out, we’ll have plenty of Buggy Blogposts hiding beneath your Bloggy Baseboards.

Linked to the TTLB Übercarnival.

[Cuco Eddie ©2005 by Lalo Alcaraz. Used without permission...but with extreme respect and admiration!]

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