Monday, October 03, 2005


She Who Must Be Obeyed and I returned from the Jawja Blogtoberfest Southeast Writers’ Tea Party and Ice Cream Social in Helen, not too much the worse for wear.

Normally, all that Chatham Artillery Punch Earl Grey Tea and Ice Cream, consumed in such a short period, could be expected to make us feel a bit puny. “Hammered dogshit” comes to mind.

But no. Maybe it’s the fun we had, meeting a whole bunch of fine people who were previously known unto us only by their good writing, their clever and/or snarky comments, and their Twisted and Perverse Reputations. Or maybe it was the entertainment afforded us by the Blown-Eyed Girl...but that story is worth a post to itself. Or was it Sam and V-Man with their Blown Rectum Spidum lavalières? Whatever, we felt all right - but a little sorry to leave after such a good time.

Whatta group of Southron Writers it was, too:

Velociman - and the Velocimissus.
Acidman, his ownself.
Recondo32 and Georgia.
Eric, and the lovely Fiona.
Sam, Guardian of the Punchbowl and the Carboy o’ Doom.
Leslie, and the one and only Buckaroo Bonsai.
Zonker, replete with Mullet and Multifarious Inkworks.

Some fine ladies amongst this group. It only makes sense: what is Punch without Cookies?

I am honored to have been in your Fine and Degenerate Company this weekend. [Pictures to follow, once I have all y’all’s OK. I promise that none of my pix are the Unflattering Hanging Booger or Flagrante Delicto type, but it’s nice to ask.]

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