Monday, October 17, 2005


Well, not a Zeeba Neighba, to the disappointment of the local Crockydiles.

But a Neighbor, nonetheless.

Meet Neighbor, the Mistress of Sarcasm’s new kitty. Formerly resident with the ex-boyfriend of one of the Mistress’s Savannah Buddies, Neighbor had to find a new home when said ex-boyfriend’s new roommate moved in with a pack of dogs...which made her (understandably) uncomfortable.

The Mistress had always had a soft spot for Neighbor, possibly because, at some point in her Shrouded and Mysterious Past, she had evidently suffered a crushed larynx. It poses no problem for her now, except for the fact that the best “meow” she can muster is a half-strangled croak. Cute, in a nerve-jangling way (I suppose).

I think it speaks well of the Mistress that she should open her home to this little lady. Not only that, but maybe it will put a stop to her threats to kidnap Hakuna and/or Matata.

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