Thursday, October 27, 2005


Mr. Roach
What’s that, with a brown carapace,
That enjoys feasting on human waste?
O, look out! Make way for
Our friendly Cock-chafer -
Always welcomed by those of Good Taste!
The Carnival of the Cockroaches is lurking under your sink, ready to come out when you turn off the lights...

Be sure to send me links to your Cockroach-Related Posts. Stories, photos, whatever. Even RFOAC’s (Reasonable Facsimiles of a Cockroach) are acceptable, right, Rory?

Just to expand our horizons a bit, any Buggy Post will do. Any piece you have written that has to do with Horrible Insects - doesn’t have to be cockroaches! - will be fine Carnival Fodder. Earwigs, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

As always, I'll be accepting submissions by e-mail at elisson1 (at) aol (dot) com (be sure to include “Carnival of the Cockroaches” in the subject line)...or leave a comment on this post with your permalink. Better yet, use Ferdy’s handy Carnival Submission Form: simply fill in the blanks and hit the “Submit Your Post” button.

The “squashline” is 9:00 pm EDT Thursday - that’s this evening, Esteemed Readers. Like our little Six-Legged Friends, you can run...but you can’t hide. Well, actually, you can hide. Drat.

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