Sunday, October 02, 2005


Well, thanks to all of my click-monkeys Esteemed Readers, this egregious Time-Sink Fine Personal Weblog logged its 50,000th visit last Friday.

The Damning Evidence has been provided by Cowtown Pattie, who writes Texas Trifles and shares the twin distinctions (if thus they may be called) of being my first (and most regular!) commenter and being the first Bloggy-Writer I ever met in person.

[It’s one thing to read someones Schtuff - it’s another to see that person F2F in MeatWorld, as a certain Group of Eminent Bloggimus People can attest. So far, I have never been disappointed.]

Patty, you’re sweeter than Tupelo Honey. Thanks for snagging the Crucial Screenshot...a suitable award awaits, just as soon as I can figure out a good prize for Enabling a Budding Egomaniac Psycho!

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