Thursday, March 30, 2006


It’s amazing how an offhand comment about Dr Pepper in one of my recent posts is on the verge of igniting an international firestorm, the likes of which has not been seen since the Mohammed Cartoon Controversy.

Rory, who writes the most excellent What Not To Do In Australia (where else can you go to get a recipe for Fucked Up Soup?), is not a Dr Pepper fan:
I commented over at Blog d’ Elisson, that Dr. Pepper was a fucking foul liquid and that America should apologise for it. This provoked a bunch of emphatic replies stating that it was a wonderful drink and even that I should try drinking it hot.
Tell us what you really think, Rory.

And now, one Peemil, who writes at where are my socks?, throws down the gauntlet with this:

Dr Pepper

So, Esteemed Readers: Where stand you on this bitterly divisive issue?

What do you think of Dr Pepper?
It is the Nectar of the Gods.
It is the bastard get of an illicit union betwixt Coke and prune juice.
It blows dead goats.
Free polls from

Stand up and be counted! America, and the Great Republic State of Texas await your verdict!

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