Thursday, March 16, 2006


The Bonfire of the Vanities has given up the ghost, according to a somber little e-mail I received this week from Kevin at Wizbang.

Perhaps, as Kevin suggests, the idea of a self-nominated “Worst Of” linkfest has jumped the shark. Certainly, the best Bonfires were the ones in which the host committed merciless savagery and snarkery upon the submitters and their posts. Maybe the damn thing succumbed to too much gentlemanliness. Ah, well. Ave atque vale, Bonfire. We hardly knew ye.

But there are plenty of other Link-Whore-Fests out there.

The grand-daddy of ’em all is the Carnival of the Vanities, with its 182nd edition being hosted this week at Forward Biased.

And there’s the Carnival of Satire, hosted by Mark A. Rayner of the skwib. This week’s installment is #25, which makes it a Silver Anniversary of sorts. Maybe a Semanaversary, since we’re dealing with weeks, not years.

Anyway, there they are. Visit and enjoy.

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