Friday, April 01, 2005


Some bloggers are having fun today. Rox Populi has ripped Michelle “Maklin” a new one, and Lair Simon’s site looks...fishy today. And that’s because it’s Full of Carp.

We’ll know when this April Fool thing has really gotten out of control when Acidman starts putting up cat pictures. Don’t hold your breath.

As for me, I’m too damn lazy to screw with Blog Design, and I don’t feel especially April Fooly today. I’ll leave that nonsense to the experts.

Not that I don’t enjoy a good joke, mind you. Especially when it’s creative and requires planning.

Today’s the day I like to reminisce about The Great April Fool’s Day Comics Switcheroo of 1997, in which at least 42 daily strips were drawn by other than their regular artists. [Example: Blondie drawn by Jim Davis, the guy who does Garfield.] The results were astonishing, some of them hysterically funny, and some of them more in the realm of the “inside joke.”

Surprisingly, there has not been whole lot of material published on this event. If anyone can get hold of a copy of Cartoonist Profiles number 114, I’d love to see it, as there is (supposedly) an article by Jerry Scott that includes reprints of many of the strips.

And there has been some comics monkey business today. Get Fuzzy, Foxtrot, and Pearls Before Swine all used the exact same joke setup in an obviously prearranged deal. I wonder how many other strips - strips we don’t get here in Atlanta - were involved?

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