Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Elder Daughter in a pensive mood.

One of the extra benefits of our trip to Maryland last weekend was the opportunity to spend time with Elder Daughter. As you can see, she is the model of Taste, Class, and Gracious Living.

But there’s another side to her. No surprise, considering whose daughter she is...

Who else would take her Brown Bag Lunch to work in a Robert Crumb Devil Girl lunchbox?

When her employer recently conducted a major Attic-Cleanout, this was among the many gewgaws, trinkets, and Items of Memorabilia they were giving away. Needless to say, she jumped right on it.

It has already attracted envious gazes and admiring comments, yea, even unto the Vice-Presidents of the Company. And in what better container can one bring one’s Deviled Eggs and Devil’s Food Cakes to work, thereupon to sup?

I am indeed a Proud Daddy.

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