Monday, December 25, 2006


The Management here at Blog d’Elisson would like to extend warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas to our Esteemed Readers of the Christian persuasion.

It is to be hoped that you will not be spending the day sitting on your Bloated Duff in front of the computer monitor. Rather, you should be held in the warm embrace of family and friends, of the people who love you...and whom you love. Eat, drink, be merry; enjoy the day.

Heat up the wassail, you old fossil.

Tune in to TBS and watch A Christmas Story incessantly. It’s a movie that means a lot to me, a Jean Shepherd fan of long standing.

For us, of course, it’s just a Monday - a Monday on which, conveniently, nobody must work. We will not engage in our traditional Christmas Day activities - eating Chinese food and going to the movies - for we have other plans, given that we are visiting with SWMBO’s family in Foat Wuth. The Momma d’SWMBO has planned a pleasant gathering of family and friends at which she can show off her new baby granddaughter Madison.

Can’t say I blame her. The kid is Pretty Damn Cute.

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