Saturday, December 30, 2006


The start of our trip home from Foat Wuth to Atlanta was delayed thanks to bad weather. We had planned to get out of Dodge mid-day Friday, which would have permitted us to break the 13-14 hour drive into two manageable chunks while arriving home Saturday afternoon. But as we said our final goodbyes, preparing to pull out of the driveway in our fully-loaded SWMBO-Mobile, the sirens started going off. Tornado warning!

Discretion being the better part of valor, we elected to camp out one more night with the In-Laws, departing at the ridiculously early hour of Oh-Dark-Thirty 0315.

The front end of the trip was interspersed with blasts of heavy rain, but leaving when we did allowed us to drive almost all of the way in daylight. Driving in the heavy rain at night is No Fun Whatsoever. And thus it was that we arrived home safely earlier this evening.

Herewith just a few short observations from the voyage:

Northeastern Louisiana. Guy in jeans and camo cap, driving a humongous Ram 350 extended-cab pickup, pulls in next to us at the convenience store / road pee location. Is that a Blue-Tick Hound in the cab with him? Hell,’s a Kitty! With a collar! And a heart-shaped name tag!

Mississippi. Cars in ditches everywhere. What is it about drivers in Missi-fucking-sippi, that they gotta drive into the ditch?

Any state (select one at random). Hey, you - yeah, you, driving that eighteen-wheeler in the left lane? Fuck you.

Why take the plane? Driving is much more fun.

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