Monday, December 11, 2006


Best Recipes

You like food? Sure you do. Everybody likes food.

Except maybe that bulimic girl who sits next to you on the Metro bus Tuesdays and Thursdays. But she weighs only 67 pounds and looks like Death backing out of a shithouse. And she has that stinky Bulimic Breath. Feh.

But pretty much everyone else likes food.

Me, I love food. And my ass continues to thank me by indulging its Expansionist Tendencies.

I not only like to eat food, I like to cook it, too. That, in turn, leads me to post the occasional recipe here. After all, if you have something you really like, don’t you love to share it with your friends? Sure you do.

It’s like evangelism, without all that unpleasant “going to hell” business.

There’s an outfit out there that calls itself The New Pamphleteer, and they are in the business of - yep, you guessed it - publishing pamphlets. Here’s their mission statement:
“Our modest goal is nothing less than to reinvent the book for the 21st century. By reviving the mid-length literary form - longer than an article, shorter and much cheaper than a book - The New Pamphleteeer returns to the origins of publishing to find the future of print in a digital world.”

“A unique publishing enterprise that marries a powerful 18th century literary form to 21st century technology.”
One of the pamphlets these folks offer is entitled Blog Digest #1 - The Hezbollah War. Edited by Michael Totten, it comprises a selection of blogposts that convey the immediacy of the war in a way that the MSM cannot. Even better: one of my favorite reads, Treppenwitz, is represented therein.

“But, Elisson - what does this have to do with food? You were talking about food, remember?”

And so I was. The latest offering by The New Pamphleteer is, in fact, a collection of recipes entitled Best Recipes of the Jewish Blogosphere...and one of Yours Truly’s posts is included.

As it says at The New Pamphleteer’s site, “These recipes from the Jewish blogosphere aren’t just the same old kugel...All recipes include URLs for the original post, and links to other Jewish blogs are on the back page. Treat your friends and relatives to this unique inexpensive Hanukkah gift which they will appreciate long after the holiday is over.”

Just click on the picture above to go to The New Pamphleteer’s website, where you can order up a truckload of these bad boys. They’re reasonably priced at $4.00 the book (of which I receive absolutely zilch, so I’m not doing it for the money!)

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