Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Holy Crap.

It looks like TeaFizz has resurrected my infamous Punchbowl Meme.

Even now, this vile piece of work is swirling around the Bloggy-Sphere, although as yet it has touched a relatively small number of writers. And maybe that’s a good thing...

Just for (ahem) shits and giggles, I decided to do a little Meme-Tracking. It looks like, as of this writing, The Toid has penetrated nine 14 levels deep. Over 69 165 blogs have been tagged and at least 30 80 have gone so far as to write a piece of Punchbowl Poetry. Even a few “untagged” people are responding and passing (you should excuse the expression) it on. It remains to be seen whether this will become the Next Big Blog Thing - I kinda doubt it - or whether it will end up circling the drain quickly. Its success hinges, I suppose, on just how revolting bloggers are willing to be. Heh.

Update, 4/29: This thing appears to be taking on a bizarre life of its own. As in a game of telephone, people change things and leave things out. Some people have forgotten to pass on the requirement that the second and fourth lines rhyme, while others are going to haiku and blank verse variations. Fascinating. There’s even one blog that posted an .mp3 file of a synthesized voice (purported to be physicist Stephen Hawking) reading the Offensive Poetry (!)

Meme propagation is similar to chain reactions in nuclear and conventional chemistry. As long as your reaction is kicking out enough “neutrons” to be self-sustaining, it will just roll.

It’s rapidly getting to where I will be unable to track its progress any longer...

Here are the tracking stats. An asterisk (*) indicates a response and this mysterious symbol (§) indicates a blog that has been tagged two or more times:

Blog d'Elisson (Originator)
1 TeaFizz (*)
1.1 This Blog Is Full Of Crap (§)
1.2 Gut Rumbles
1.3 Tulip (*)
1.3.1 Dating Dummy (*) Tired of Men (*) Home Detention Lady (*) Spelunk in the Trunk (*) Bloken Blogic The Silly Page (*) You can't make this stuff up (*) only in the desert (*) one day i will write a book Holy Schmidt! (*) Tof Reknin Day! The Spurious Plum (*) (end) (§) Terri~Torial Spookalot (*) Jenorama Outside In 500 Miles to Nowhere (*) BosphorusRamblings Wilson World (*) (*) Clear Lake Reflections insert witty title here (*) Espresso Sarcasm Domestic Deviance (*) Of Sinners and Saints Scorpio Ascendant lyddy the morning guy kiwords Stress Rehearsal TheBerryPage Von Krankipantzen (*) Suburban Misfit (*) The Spurious Plum (*) (end) (§) Random and Odd Dad Gone Mad Nerds Are In Mowses Hum Pij Life With Harlow And The Boys (*) Doc Ern Goodnight, John Boy klog (*) madden round the land (*) Sharkey Malarkey (§) babbling bente (*) don't take any wooden nickels Out OUR Way… iknowthismuchistrue... Wave of Modulation Baby Lauren (*) 4 Sanity's Sake The Speth Adventures Sharkey Malarkey (§) Lady Bug high on boredom (*) What Was I Thinking? (*) The Bucky Four-Eyes Cotillion (*) poop and boogies (*) (end) Snick-r-snack Life Through Cherry's Colored Glasses serially single (*) Charming But Single Indian Girl Dating Lady at 5280 (*) just waiting to be screwed over… A Singular Man the bachelor chronicles Grateful Dating (*) Voyeurism for the Literate Dating in Miami
1.3.2 President George Bush
1.3.3 Dr. Sanjay Gupta
1.4 Just Breathe (*)
1.4.1 Phin's Blog (*) Sortapundit Oystersnout (*) Pirate's Cove (*) Cao (*) And Rightly So (*) Flight Pundit (*) Stacking Swivel (*) GM’s Corner American Warmonger (*) (§) The Adventures of Chester Point of Tears (*) Bubblehead.US Cow Dog The Unbearable Bobness of Being Ogre's View (*) Ravings of a Mad Tech Crystal Clear Cathouse Chat And What Next… (§) Vince Aut Morire (*) Cranky Neocon (*) Llama Butchers Saving Aeneas Fistful of Fortnights Six Meat Buffet (*) Steal the Bandwagon (*) Merri Musings (*) Kender's Musings (*) My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy (*) It's A (*) The Nose On Your Face (*) Point Five (*) Right Hand of God IBeJO (*) This Blog Is Full Of Crap (§) The Flying Space Monkey Chronicles (§) Evil White Guy (*) Straight White Guy Velociworld (*) BaneRants (*) (end) The Boiling Point (*) Redneck Ramblings (*) Parkway Rest Stop (*) A Different Lemming (*) Irritation Station Rightwingsparkle The Therapist (§) Villainous Company (*) TigerHawk Heigh-Ho (*) Castle Argghhh! Wuzzadem (*) The Ebb and Flow Institute (*) Riehl World View (*) Third World County (*) Boudicca's Voice (*) One Happy Dog Speaks Miasmatic Review And What Next… (§) Anywhere But Here (*) purple fish guts (*) This Blog Is Full Of Crap (§) mountaineer musing Random Rambling The Therapist (§) Pajama Pundits (*) Army of Mom BeldarBlog fling93 loves fishies (*) No Government Cheese (*) Bare Naked Larry (*) Not for sale. Please come again I Love Jet Noise BlameBush! Hector Vex's Infotainment (*) (end) What Attitude Problem? Garfield Ridge Julie with a B (*) LOSLI (*) BurstTransmission (*) Daisy Cutter (*) MakesMeRalph American Warmonger (*) (§) Holy Tornado (*) Patty-Jo (*) Miss Patriot (*) aimeebreanne Texican Tattler (*) Pirates! Man Your Women! The Baba Gannouj (*) hamstermotor (*) American Girl (*) I Was Just Thinking (*) Espresso Ramblings (*) She Said Hopefully The Daily Blitz DJ Groovy Slug Spins... (*) This Just In Butterfly's Flutter Bys (*) Branches Over My Head (*) 1,000 Shades of Fool absent without leave My Journey Turn the page (*) BackTalker1 Dazed and Confused (*) Pongomania. Woodland Forays limbshiplace (*) English 344 School is Cool The Tango Project Saving Switzerland (*) Metaphysically Wrinkle Free Bad Example Moe's Woes (*) The Flying Space Monkey Chronicles (§) The Blue Site GOP and the City
1.4.2 TheWizard
1.4.3 WitNit (*)
2 The Bisch (*)
2.1 Mango
2.2 Fat Eye For The Skinny Guy
3 Yoga Korunta (*)

All y’all out there are sick. Sick, I tell ya.

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