Thursday, April 14, 2005


Every area of human endeavor has its own lingo, and blogging is no exception. There are certain words and turns of phrase that you almost never encounter outside of Bloggy-World.

Charlie Hatton and I kicked this topic around when we met in Watertown last month, and we were sufficiently intrigued by it to discuss it for two minutes and then forget all about it. Well, no - Charlie actually mentioned it in a post a couple of days later...and then forgot all about it.

Mr. H. is a past master at Bloggy Linguistics, and you’ll see many of the following expressions on his blog, Where The Hell Was I? But you’ll see them elsewhere, too. Some of them are associated with particular writers, other are more general.

Adjectives: craptastic

Epithets: asshat, fucktard, wingnut, moonbat, smacked ass, assclown

Epithets (blogging-specific): troll, lurker

Verbs: to post, to de-link, to spam, to crapmonger

Nouns: douchebaggery, Instalanche, comment spam, spim, trackback

Exclamations: Bejus, Got-dam

I’d really like to expand this list, perhaps creating the first Blogger’s Slang Dictionary. What expressions do you use in your Bloggity Life that you rarely, if ever, use in your real walking-around life? Any of these above belong to you?

While you think of your answers, I’m going to go and get my asshat blocked.

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