Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Yes, time again for the next entry in an interminable-seeming series of My Dopey Poems. Hmmm...who can I make fun of what deep thoughts can I share with my Esteemed Readers today?

Song of Me, Myself, & I

I celebrate myself: Hooray for Me!
I am a child of the deep blue sky.
I am a child of the sulfur pits.
From the bowels of this living planet, I crawl to you.
Here comes a six-foot mass of animated meat!
Can meat work? Can meat loaf?
I loaf, and look, and love.
Thus, say “Hello” to me: greet meat.

Squeeze your eyes closed tight,
Now watch the patterns,
Ceaseless, glowing, moving. Are they real?
Or are they artifacts,
Visible tracings of a bad, bent brain?
Everyone can do this: you can, too.
So what’s the point?
Congratulations! You, too, have a central nervous system.

I wish to buy a gift for all the world,
For all the sea-girt globe there is to see:
A carbonated beverage
Containing rich, brown caramel—earth color
And extracts of nuts
And extracts of leaves
And extracts of golden corn
Bringing together in a crystalline container the flavors of the deep earth in perfect harmony.

My horse awaits. I climb upon his back
And, swift as winter winds, we fly away.
Away from the quotidian cares of the world.
Away from instruction and exercise of mental faculty.
Away from assignments and vers libre
And various libraries.
I apply the spurs with a will.
The rapidly approaching barrier looms ahead.

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