Thursday, April 28, 2005


Instead of the usual pictures of Hakuna and Matata, today we’re going to visit with The Original Carnival of Cats: Lair Simon’s Kitty Menagerie!

Here we see Laurence with Edloe, the Great Furry Grumpus. If it looks like Lair’s eyes are bulging just a bit, it’s only from the raw physical effort of hoisting Edloe’s mighty bulk.

Nardo, the Cat with Opposable Thumbs, made friends with me in short order. Here, he accepts an offering from the Humble Supplicant.

Frisky. Between her and Edloe, you have two of the finest, wooliest bed-warming kitties on the planet.

Piper was a bit of a recluse, but eventually she came out and accepted the skritches of the Humble Supplicant.

Aw, I couldn’t resist. Another one of The Grumpus.

And of course, Matata was only too excited to see me when I got home. “Back from your trip already? Saaaay...why do you smell like Other Cats? Have you been steppin’ out on me? Why, I oughta...”

[Rahel, I know this is gonna make you eat your heart out, but I gave them all extra skritches for you.]

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