Friday, April 01, 2005


Jeezum Crow, there are so many Carnivals these days, I feel like the barker at the side-show.

Well, Arf Arf.

This week’s edition of Carnival of the Recipes is up at Texas Best Grok - a mouthwatering menu of delightful deliciousness (and amateurish alliteration? No, wait - that’s me.) Get them stoves fired up!

Oh, yes - and let’s not forget the Friday Ark, graciously hosted (as usual) by Steve over at The Modulator.

Lots of nice pictures of kitties and puppies...and other beasts, all of whom are below us Humans on the Food Chain. Which brings us back to Carnival of the Recipes. Has anyone ever thought of setting up a Carnival of the Food Animals?

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