Sunday, April 17, 2005


How appropriate that Watermark is hosting the Carnival of the Cats this week, it being smack dab in the middle of National Poetry Month.

Even better, it’s National Poetry Writing Month: NaPoWriMo. To celebrate the occasion, here is a poem inspired by a Famous Cat:

Hello, Kitty

A former star
who graced that smaller screen in days gone by,
I recognized him,
his ginger pelt and tiger stripes
announcing his arrival.

Retired now,
he still commands attention with aristocratic voice,
a voice that holds a note of condescension,
or of boredom.

No more 9 Lives for him,
our little tiger.
His palate has a worldly bent today.
Shall it be French? Or Thai? Perhaps Chinese -
but then, with that aristocratic voice,
he casts his vote for sushi.

O Tempura! O Morris!

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