Tuesday, April 12, 2005


...every day, or so I like to believe.

Strange as it sounds, I had never - until this very week - heard the term “Dutch Oven” used to indicate flatus. And now, twice in one week.

First, Cowtown Pattie left a comment that referred to “performing a dutch oven” for one’s spouse after eating chili with (gaaah) beans. OK, I thought. That was new to me, but it’s pretty obvious what it meant.

And now today, LeeAnn (The Cheese Stands Alone) has a post titled “Possible Tagline For This Blog, Inspired By A Sudden Dutch Oven.” So: Two “Dutch Oven” references in one week. Coincidence? A meme? Or is it just an expression that, in 52.5 years of walking the planet, I have somehow missed out on?

Pooty weird, huh?

Of course, there are all kinds of terms that are familiar to one group of people but completely unfamiliar to others. For example, here’s one that I grew up with, but it has completely mystified and baffled the Minyan Boyz with whom I have breakfast every day:

Coney Island Whitefish.

Do you know what a Coney Island whitefish is? Leave a comment and let me know...and also tell me where you heard it. I’m suspecting that if you’re not a Damyank Northeasterner, you will be scratching your head at this one.

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