Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Darby Conley almost managed to sneak this one past the Comics Censors - and how he did it, in this age of Janet Jackson Titty-Induced Moral Paranoia, I just don’t know. I guess the presence of Talking Animals lulled ’em into a false sense of security.

The strip, as shown above, doesn’t have much of a punchline. But in the version I saw Monday - in the Fort Worth paper, no less - there was no marmot. It was beaver. Now, that’s funny. And I’ll be willing to bet that some comics page editor somewhere had an “Aw, Shit!” moment when he suddenly got the joke.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s version of “Get Fuzzy” - as well as the online version shown above - have been “sanitized for your protection.” Too bad...but no surprise.

I can see the bumper sticker now: “Bucky Katt Sez: ‘Eat a Beaver for Valentine’s Day!’”

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