Monday, April 18, 2005


Penn: Prince Among Men
(An Imagined Tribute in the Voice of Teller)

’Way back when,
Dinosaurs roamed swamp and fen.
Eons passed, and then,
Slow, steady changes came to their DN
A. Over and over, again and again,
As lizard evolved, becoming duck or hen,
More numerous descendants filling vale and glen,
Generations passed—numbers too large to ken.
Now goats, now bears (like Gentle Ben)
And carnivores: the lion in his den.
What then?
At last — at long last — men.
And not just men — great men,
Men of history, like Franklin (Ben) —
Men of courage: Senator John Glenn —
Men of letters: those that wield a pen.
But I would give a sawbuck (that’s a ten)
Could any of them equal good ol’ Penn.
It makes me glad to think he is my frien’.

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