Saturday, April 16, 2005


In the world according to Elisson, turnabout is fair play.

Men are from Mars...

Marty sez to Jim, he sez -
I’m in a foul mood,
I’m full of nervous tension,
To my customers I’m rude.

And Mr. Panagopoulos
Was overheard to say
I’m hungry fit to eat a horse,
Let’s go to the Café.

And Louis says to Donohue,
My temper sure is shorter,
I barely fit into my pants -
Am I retaining water?

And all the ladies have a laugh.
Revenge, when cold, is best.
Just look at all these macho dudes
Beset with PMS...

But is that Susan’s scalp we see -
A circle clean of hair?
And what is that on Lisa’s head?
Is that a bald spot there?

While all the guys have PMS,
Don’t be too quick to chuckle.
With female-pattern baldness
You shine like a belt-buckle!

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