Sunday, April 10, 2005


Philadelphia, 1980.

In this picture from November 1980, an eighteen-month-old Elder Daughter (at that time, Only Daughter) enjoys a quiet moment in the lobby of the Philadelphia Sheraton.

We had taken a mini-vacation in Philly, a four-day weekend spent seeing all of the historic sites (and sights), and Only Daughter enjoyed herself as much as we did. At eighteen months, her verbal abilities and manual dexterity at table would fool you into thinking she was much older. Hell, I’ve seen ten-year-olds who were less capable of eating a meal politely and holding up their end of a conversation.

When I snapped this picture, O.D. was engaging the lone bellman in an animated discussion about something-or-other. Possibly she was asking him why Philadelphians put mustard on their’s the kind of question she would have asked.

And now, of course, we can remind her about the time we changed her diaper in Independence Hall.

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