Tuesday, January 01, 2008


I often write of Recipes and Cats;
I post the praise of excellent Cuisine.
I watch Republicans fight Democrats
And drink of Starbucks over-roasted Bean.

Once in a while, I’ll write a nasty Poem,
Of Itchy Rectums, or a Tapered Doodie,
But never have I caught the Metric Tone
That changes filthy Dross into such Beauty

As has the Ogster. Go thou to his Site,
And read this Earthy Gem that he has written:
Five-footed Verse, he really gets it right,
Despite it being all about his Shittin.’

Yes, the fabled Neanderpundit has not only honored me, he has elevated crapblogging to a new level with this Master-Piece-o’-Shit in Iambic Pentameter, his final post of 2007. Read it and weep.


Oh, so you want a challenge? OK, ya got one:

Bliggety bloggety,
Neanderpundit, he
Dashes off verses
About taking dumps.

Og gives new meaning to
Why not a sonnet
’Bout squeezin’ out lumps?

Or, even better, a double dactyl. The gauntlet has been picked up and flung back in your unibrowed phiz.

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