Sunday, January 06, 2008


Last night, we watched bemusedly as a young woman drove over five miles down Johnson Ferry Road and Abernathy Road - all the way into Sandy Springs - with her dome light on. Why, we wondered, would someone need her car’s interior light on at night, when all it does is interfere with the ability to see the road?

Well, it comes in handy if you’re applying a faceful of makeup...while driving down a hilly, winding road at night at 50 MPH. Eye makeup, foundation, the works. This photo, snapped with SWMBO’s camera phone at the intersection of Abernathy and Roswell Roads, shows the young lady preparing to apply face powder with a big, puffy-ass brush.

What a fucking idiot. Here she is, the Jackass of the Week!

Jackass of the Week!

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