Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Sushi Bar Madonna

I went out to the Sushi Bar,
Because I had a taste
For little chunks of Gizzard Shad
Enrobed in Miso Paste.

They brought my o-shibori, hot
For me to wipe my hands
And stimulate the workings of
The Salivary Glands.

They brought a dish of Pickled Fish
With tentacles ’n’ stuff.
I wolfed it down and smacked my lips.
The portion, just enough.

Then came nigiri-zushi, which
Is Fish on pads of Rice.
Maguro, saba, sake, tai,
All raw - and very nice.

But what’s this in my dish of Soy
That sits beside my place?
Two eyes, a beatific smile -
Why, it’s a Happy Face!

A saintly grin absolveth sin:
A miracle, no less...
The Virgin of the Sushi Bar
Sent here to heal and bless!

[Picture credit: the Mistress of Sarcasm.]

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