Wednesday, January 30, 2008


It’s been a while since our last Sommelier Guild event, which means that it is time once again to enjoy eating and drinking like a bunch of SRF’s.

[Anyone familiar with the Grouchy Old Cripple, the estimable gentleman who got me sucked into involved with the Guild, knows that SRF stands for Snotty Rich Fuck. It is a Badge of Honor, for while anyone can be a snotty fuck, it takes Capital Assets to be a snotty rich fuck.]

This tasting ought to be a good ’un. It will be held at the Culinary Institute of Atlanta’s Creations Food Lab. I figure these peeps should know their food...and for damn sure, the Guild folks definitely know their wine.

What’s on the menu? Glad you asked.

Speaker’s Wine
Tokay Pinot Gris, Vieille Vignes, L. Albrecht, 1995

Chambolle-Musigny, Premier Cru, Les Sentiers, Groffier 2000
Etude Heirloom Pinot Noir, 2000

Seared Sea Scallop with Smoked Gouda Grits, Collard Greens and Pot Liquor Jus
Fettuccine Carbonara with Housemade Fettuccine, Fresh Peas, Bacon Lardons, and a Cream Sauce
Roasted Pork Tenderloin, Warm Apple and Red Cabbage Slaw, “German Potato Salad” Latke
and Grain Mustard Sauce

Corton-Charlemagne, Girardin, 2000
Martinelli Chardonnay, 1999

Lobster Bisque with Herbed Pâte à Choux

Silex, D. Dageneau, 1999
Sauvignon Blanc, Walter Hansel, 2005

Roasted Beet and Goat Cheese Napoleon with Citrus and Micro-green Salad and an Orange Vinaigrette
Citrus Marinated Asparagus, Baby Greens, Cucumber-Carrot Slaw, Caramelized Shallot-White Balsamic Vinaigrette
Roasted Butternut Squash with Greens, Dried Figs, Blue Cheese, Toasted Pumpkin Seeds, and a Cider Vinaigrette

Blood Orange Sorbet

Cabernet Franc, Quilliams, 2001
Cabernet Sauvignon, Quilceda Creek, 2000

Marinated Grilled Teres Major with Melted Swiss Chard, Pine Nuts and Tomato Confit, Herbed Spaetzle, and Mushroom Veal Reduction
Oven Roasted Breast of Game Hen, Braised Bok Choy, Sweet Potato Gratin, Port Infused Game Hen Jus Lié

Recioto della Valpolicella, Bussola, 1997
Chocolate Molten Cake with Champagne-Cherry Sauce and Almond Praline Ice Cream
Tokaji Aszu, 5 Puttonyos, Disznoko, 1993
Crème Caramel with Churros and Rum Marinated Seasonal Fruit
Vin Santo de Chianti Classico, Felsina, Berardenga, 1993
Mulled Wine Poached Pear with Mascarpone Sorbet, Caramel Sauce and a Butter Crisp

Ahh, decisions, decisions.

Update: Possibly the best meal/tasting I’ve had since joining the Guild. The stuff I ate and drank is highlighted in red.

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