Wednesday, January 23, 2008


One of the Minyan Boyz - a fellow Online Journalist - came back from a brief hiatus to find his blog overrun by spam.

Not spam trackbacks - he doesn’t have trackbacks.

Not spam comments. We’ve all had to deal with spam comments at one time or another, and keeping up with them can be a major effort, depending on your commenting platform. [Check out Velociman’s archives: you’ll see a veritable treasure trove of Penis-Extension Advertising.] Fortunately, Haloscan makes it relatively simple to catch comment spam, even when it attacks old archived posts.

Not even spam blogs. I’m sure you’ve seen these revolting sites, sites with no original content of their own. They steal excerpts - or even entire posts - from real blogs, slapping them up in order to draw traffic to their own ad-filled crap-ass sites.

I’m talking about spam blogposts.

There are, it seems, spambots out there that can winkle out your password and start slapping spam posts up on your blog. Gaaaah!

My Minyan Buddy changed his password and deleted the pile of crap that had attached itself to his site over the past week...but now new spamposts are showing up. This is scary.

It means that everyone is vulnerable.

Anyone out there seen anything like this, or heard of it happening elsewhere? Has your blog ever been hijacked?

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