Friday, January 18, 2008


Welcome to Blog d’Elisson’s Friday Random Ten, that weekly post in which I put up a list of ten songs puked out at random by the Little White Choon-Box d’Elisson.

We’re battening down the hatches here for another snowstorm, one that may dump as much as four inches of the White Crap on the northern Atlanta ’burbs. Nobody seems to be getting too worked up about it, though: The ground should be warm enough to keep most of it from sticking, and it will have no Morning Commute with which to play havoc. So - hot buttered rum all around!

What’s playing this week? Why not settle back and take a look?
  1. The Last Saskatchewan Pirate - Captain Tractor

    I first heard this nutty little tune on the car radiddio as I was driving from Saint John to Moncton, on the way back from my two-week sojourn in the Canadian Maritimes in mid-2006.

    Well, I used to be a farmer and I made a living fine
    I had a little stretch of land along the C. P. line
    But times got tough, and though I tried, the money wasn't there
    The bankers came and took my land and told me, “Fair is fair”
    I looked for every kind of job, the answer always no
    “Hire you now?” they’d always laugh, “We just let twenty go!” (Ha ha!)
    The government, they promised me a measly little sum
    But I’ve got too much pride to end up just another bum
    Then I thought, who gives a damn if all the jobs are gone
    I’m gonna be a pirate on the river Saskatchewan! (Arr!)

    And it’s a heave (ho!) hi (ho!), coming down the plains
    Stealing wheat and barley and all the other grains
    And it’s a ho (hey!) hi (hey!), farmers bar yer doors
    When you see the Jolly Roger on Regina’s mighty shores!

    Well, you’d think the local farmers would know that I’m at large
    But just the other day I found an unprotected barge
    I snuck up right behind them and they were none the wiser
    I rammed the ship and sank it and I stole the fertilizer
    Bridge outside of Moose Jaw spans a mighty river
    Farmers cross in so much fear, their stomachs are a-quiver
    ’Cause they know that Captain Tractor’s hiding in the bay
    I’ll jump the bridge, and knock ’em cold, and sail off with their hay


    Well, Mountie Bob he chased me, he was always at my throat
    He’d follow on the shoreline ’cause he didn’t own a boat
    But the cutbacks were a-comin’ and the Mountie lost his job
    So now he’s sailing with me and we call him Salty Bob
    A swingin’ sword, a skull-and-bones, and pleasant company
    I never pay my income tax and screw the GST (Screw it!)
    Prince Albert down to Saskatoon, the terror of the sea
    If you wanna reach the co-op, boy, you gotta get by me! (Arr!)


    Well, the pirate life’s appealing but you don’t just find it here
    I hear in north Alberta there’s a band of buccaneers
    They roam the Athabasca from Smith to Fort MacKay
    And you’re gonna lose your Stetson if you have to pass their way
    Well, winter is a-comin’ and a chill is in the breeze
    My pirate days are over once the river starts to freeze
    I’ll be back in springtime, but now I’ve got to go
    I hear there’s lots of plunderin’ down in New Mexico


    When you see the Jolly Roger on Regina’s mighty shores!
    When you see the Jolly Roger on Regina’s mighty shores!

  2. When I Get Home - The Beatles

  3. Rock ’n’ Roll Stew - Traffic

  4. Silverfuck - Smashing Pumpkins

  5. Soir De Fête - Yann Tiersen, Amélie

  6. Tea for the Tillerman - Cat Stevens

  7. Koeeoaddi There - The Incredible String Band

    I’ve had this in my musical library for forty years now.

    The natural cards revolve, ever changing
    Seeded elsewhere, planted in the garden fair
    Grow trees, grow trees

    Tongues of the sheer wind
    Setting your foot where the sand is untrodden,
    The ocean that only begins

    Listen: a woman with a bulldozer built this house of now
    Carving away the mountain whose name is your childhood home
    We were trying to buy it, buy it, buy it
    Someone was found killed there, all bones, bones, dry bones

    Earth, water, fire, and air
    Met together in a garden fair
    Put in a basket bound with skin
    If you answer this riddle
    You’ll never begin

    Born in a house where the doors shut tight
    Shadowy fingers on the curtains at night
    Cherry tree blossom, head high snow
    A busy main road where I wasn’t to go
    I used to sit on the garden wall
    Say hallo to people going by so tall
    Hallo to the postman’s stubbly skin
    Hallo to the baker’s stubbly grin
    Mrs. Thompson gave me a bear
    Brigitte and some people lived upstairs

    Skating on happy valley pond
    Various ministers and guards stood around
    The ice was nice. Hallo, the invisible brethren
    And there was a tent you played cards with the soldiers in
    “Don't worry, we won’t send anyone after you,” they screamed
    But me and Licorice saw the last of them
    One misty twisty day
    Across the mournful morning moor, motoring away
    Singing, “Ladybird, ladybird, what is your wish
    Your wish is not granted unless it’s a fish
    Your wish is not granted unless it’s a dish
    A fish on a dish, is that what you wish?”

    Earth, water, fire, and air
    Met together in a garden fair
    Put in a basket bound with skin
    If you answer this riddle
    If you answer this riddle
    You’ll never begin

  8. For A Thousand Mothers - Jethro Tull

  9. Salt Slides - Bernard Herrmann, Journey To The Center Of The Earth

  10. Twilight Zone Theme - Bernard Herrmann

    This is the theme music from TZ’s first season, way spookier than Marius Constant’s familiar “doo doo doo doo” intro that was used in the last four seasons.

It’s Friday. What are you listening to?

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