Friday, September 14, 2007


Seersucker, that is.
“...the seersucker suit on the lawyer walking down Broughton Street after a shave and a trim at Jimmy Tagaglio’s looked just like the seersucker suit on the drunk just let out of the holding pen. Except for the urine stain, of course.”
The above is excerpted from an eloquent post Velociman wrote some time back, celebrating the virtues of that venerable Southern suiting fabric, seersucker.

Seersucker Elisson

You won’t see too many of these bad boys outside of the Southeastern United States, and like as not you won’t see one before Memorial Day or after Labor Day. For the seersucker suit is a hot-weather suit, one created for the peculiar exigencies of a tropical climate in the days before universally available air conditioning.

Nothing better befits the well-turned-out Suthen Man.

It never would have occurred to me to even think of buying a seersucker suit, except that one of the boys in the congregation - from Savannah, natch - would wear one to Shabbat services during the summer, and it looked so...comfortable. And with Joseph Banks selling them for less than $120, I couldn’t resist - even if I’ll have to stick it in the closet until next spring.

Hey, it was either this or Jackass Pants.

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