Monday, September 17, 2007


The Kitchen Remodeling continueth...

When we last left the intrepid Elisson and SWMBO, they had had granite countertops installed in the kitchen of Chez Elisson. And, of course, since countertops alone would be no fun, they added a new gas stovetop - “Darth Stover” is its sobriquet, owing to its evil good looks - a new sink, and a stainless steel faucet.

Today was the day the last pieces of the puzzle were put in: a new set of conventional-convection and microwave-convection ovens, along with a new dishwasher. Sweet.

Only one problem. Well, two problems.

Problem One is that the new stove is a little shorter than the old one, so there’s a gap of about four inches we’ll need to cover up. No biggie.

The other problem is, well, more problematic. When the installer tested the equipment, it worked fine for a couple of minutes. The conventional oven got nice and hot. But then there was a mysterious humming from the microwave, followed shortly by an ominous, vile-smelling puff of smoke.

Zap! Dead oven.

A new one is supposed to arrive at the warehouse Thursday, and with any luck, we’ll have it in by the weekend. I hope. I also hope that there wasn’t an entire production run of these things with defective circuit boards.

And I also hope the Missus doesn’t get too pissed off when she arrives home to a brand-new oven that is as useful as the proverbial Tits On A Boar.


[At least the new dishwasher works. Keyn ayin hora.]

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