Tuesday, September 04, 2007


This day shalt thou be with me in Heaven Helen.

Unleash Your Inner Monkey
Unleash your Inner Monkey.

Those of my Esteemed Readers who are planning a trip to Helen, Georgia in October to participate in the annual silliness of the Blown-Eyed Blodger Blogtoberfest Blowout will want to be suitably decked out in the Latest Semi-Official Apparel.

Those of a Sacrilegious Bent may prefer a T-Shirt that bears the icon of our formerly-mulleted Anointed One, Zeejus hizzownself. You can get the Zeejus shirt from Cafepress. Just remember, if you wear this in public, be extra cautious around them Westboro-type folks...they can’t be presumed to take a joke.

And, of course, no blogmeet is complete without an assortment of Monkeys. This year, unleash your Inner Monkey with this fine T-Shirt. Hmmm...I wonder whose leg that is? Ol’ Spanky seems to be mighty attached to it...

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