Tuesday, July 17, 2007


This year’s Southeast Writers’ Conference, Tea Party, and Ice-Cream Social is now officially on the calendar: October 12-14 at the infamous (but extremely tolerant of Rude Behavior) Chalet Kristy in Helen, Jawjuh.

You can get the full poop here from Mr. Cripple.

The one and only Velociman will be tasked with the responsibility of blending and transporting the Chatham Artillery Punch, a pleasant enough tipple that, ingested carelessly, will bring strong men (and lissome ladies) to their knees. And inspire random acts of violence toward the idiots in the river innocent tubers. Be warned.

Hooch on the ’Hooch
Hooch on the ’Hooch.
Note the delicately outstretched pinkie, as modeled by the Pinkie Master himself.

Book your rooms early. Mid-October is the height of Dopey Tourist Season in Helen, a faux-Bavarian village inexplicably tucked away in the northern hills of Georgia, and the leaf-watchers will be out in force. Can’t say I blame ’em...fall is the perfect time to sit on the banks of the ’Hooch and enjoy some hooch. And the company of some fine Online Journalists.

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